I’m Lameka. Founder of It's Just My 2 Cents, offering coaching and consulting services for established business owners looking to shift their mindset to reach their game changer goal. I’ve built and rehabbed homes, created a lifestyle brand for tall women, and assisted hundreds of people to reach their weight loss goals naturally. Everything I coach and consult my clients on has been tested in my own businesses.

I absolutely love sharing what I’ve learned along the way, I want you to benefit from those lessons too.

My unique sales and consulting background has allowed me to cultivate collaborative relationships at all levels of a business. I have consulted and coached thousands of dental practices to higher levels of success, implemented retail brand strategies to grow market share, executed successful crowdfunding campaigns, utilized online marketing techniques to build a highly engaged email list and most of all moved people into action!

What you focus on is what grows!

I am often asked “How did I do X?”. My number one, hands-down answer is “I decided that’s what I wanted to do, so I figured out how to make it happen”.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always looked for ways of how to make things work for others and myself. When a friend, relative, even a stranger I just met would tell me about a goal they wanted to accomplish, I would immediately dive in to how they could achieve it.

I knew I had a passion for sharing what I’d learned and wanted to help others reach their goals I just had to get clear on how I was going to make it happen.

Voila, she appeared! I went and got myself a coach, to help me get clear on how I could make this goal of mine a reality. Actually she found me..lol! However, I remembered I had put it out in to the universe for someone like this to show up in my life.

So, I dove deep.

How does focus, shifting one’s mindset, and self-confidence become a strong muscle rather than a “wish I could” or “try” idea?

How can I use what I know to help others achieve the success they crave?

As I asked myself these questions, my mission became clear.

I am here to help business owners and professionals like you take action, which has the ability to create radical growth to achieve the success you crave.

When you shift your mindset, you open yourself up to receive what it is that you desire. Commit to the process of what you want to achieve in your business or as a professional.

I believe that with passion, belief, action, and accountability, we can DO, CREATE and ACHIEVE anything!

Fun Facts:

  • I was blessed to be born into an AMAZING family who told me I had a great voice and provided me with opportunities to use my talents. One thing I learned long ago is what you say after “I Am”, shapes your reality. These two words are very powerful.

  • Growing up I wanted to be a news anchor; Robyn Roberts was my girl on ESPN back in the day.

  • My favorite book is The Richest Man In Babylon.

  • My first car was a Gold 1978 T-top Grand Prix. Man, that car could go!

  • After a project gone wrong my home economics teacher told me to never pick up a pair of scissors to make anything again. NEVER doubt yourself when someone tells you what you can’t achieve….HEIGHT GODDESS

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