I am Lameka Weeks, an award winning sales professional turned entrepreneur. I help fellow female business owners and professionals look at their challenges differently, by shifting their mindset to grow and get the success they crave.

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Speaks louder than words.

You're ready for a different level of success. What's holding you back?

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Is the new angel investor.

Is crowdfunding right for you and your business? 

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It'Just My 2 Cents

I'm sharing real life experiences of entrepreneurship. Coming Soon.

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Hi, I'm Lameka

I love, and I mean LOVE business owners with ideas and are ready to execute those ideas. 


In a nutshell, my job is to hold you accountable, to focus on the goals you've set to take your business to a another level. 

I am here to help you look at your challenges differently by shifting your mindset to grow and get the success you crave. Develop marketing strategies? Check! Plan for a healthier lifestyle? Check! Execute a successful crowdfunding campaign? Check! Check! Check!